Hamburg Billbrook


light industrial & logistics park

A Light Industrial & Logistics Park with 24,000 sqm of rental area is being created in Hamburg´s Billbrook industrial area. As part of a sale and lease-back transaction, the company based here, ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH, a company in the COHERENT Group, sold the site and leased back large parts of the existing areas on a long-term basis. Around 10,000 sqm of rental space and a parking garage with around 140 parking spaces will be built here by mid-2023.

Future vacant areas of around 5,000 sqm have already been leased as part of a forward deal.

Because of its excellent transport connections, the project´s location makes it an excellent choice for last mile logistics and Light Industrial use. With future tenants in mind, built-to-suit solutions are being offered. The project combines a central city location with a good motorway connection.

Year of Construction/Refurbishment

1980 - 1990 / 2023

Site Area:

29.000 sqm

Rental Area:

24.000 sqm


Berzeliusstraße 63 to 87, 22113 Hamburg
Billbrookdeich 188, 190, 22113 Hamburg

ESG Highlights:

DGNB Gold certification (our aim), PV systems, heat pumps, efficiency standard: KfW55, green leases

location and Connection

Billbrook is one of Hamburg´s logistics hotspots. The location can be reached from the A1 and A24 motorways in under five minutes, and the inner city is just fifteen minutes away. After the Port of Hamburg, Billbrook, with just under 1,000 businesses and around 22,000 employees, is Hamburg´s and Northern Germany´s second-largest industrial area. Hamburg-Billbrook is home to a broad range of industrial production from mechanical engineering to the manufacture of chemicals and plastics to the production of food. There are also a large number of freight, warehousing and supply companies, wholesalers, building firms and waste processing and recycling plants.

The property is just a short walk away from the 432 bus-stop and the Billstedt underground station. It also has an excellent connection to the long-haul transport network via the B5 leading to the A1 and A24 motorways.

The property extends over Berzeliusstraße 63 to 87 and Billbrookdeich 188, 190 in 22113 Hamburg.


Eight buildings erected between 1980 and 1990 stand on this site of approx. 29,000 sqm. This is a production site of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH, a company in the Coherent Group. ROFIN-SINAR is continuing to use the site under the sale and lease-back transaction. INBRIGHT acquired the site in September 2020. The land clearing work is due to begin in the first quarter of 2022, and the new buildings are expected to be completed in early to mid-2023.


Dr. Till Meister
Senior Project manager

INBRIGHT Development GmbH
Erasmusstraße 14
10553 Berlin

Mobile.: +49 30 403 686 2-0

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Ankaufsprofil INBRIGHT 2022

How we derived Our ESG strategy

In an initial workshop, we first developed core values for our company. The development of an ESG strategy for INBRIGHT is based on this: main topics were determined and validated based on a fixed evaluation scheme in a two-day workshop. On the one hand, the topics result from the requirements of national and international industry standards and frameworks, such as DGNB, LEED and GRESB, and, on the other hand, from general sustainability standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Sustainable Development Goals. The list of topics was ultimately supplemented by specific industry requirements from the Light Industrial area. The collection of topics was classified based on a fixed evaluation scheme in a materiality assessment using a two-dimensional matrix with the dimensions “Relevance to business” and “Effects on the government and society”. The topics with the highest values in both dimensions, and hence being above the materiality threshold, form the basis of our ESG strategy or our sustainability programme. The materiality assessment is revalidated annually with the participation of internal and external stakeholders and the assessment of the topics is adjusted accordingly. 

Our Contribution to the sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in 2015 by the member states of the United Nations.
They set a road map for the sustainable social, economic and environmental transformation of our world by 2030.

The SDGs also offer us as a company a framework for contributing to a positive future for the world. Our ESG strategy is our contribution to tackling the greatest worldwide challenges, especially to achieving the following SDGs:

We respect diversity, a fair pay and participation structure and the indivdual promotion of out team members, thus contributing to equality of opportunity.

Economic success and a profitable investment strategy are for us the foundation for securing attractive jobs in the long term and contributing to healthy economic growth.

We promote a low-emission infrastructure by locating our properties close to existing residential areas, offering our tenants access to public transport. We modernise and reposition old industrial and commercial properties to make their use lower in emissions, cleaner and more flexible, thus making a noticeable contribution to sustainable industry.

When building and repairing our properties, we are careful to use innovative and engery-efficient systems so as to aviod unnecessary environmental pressures on the surrounding area. Wherever compatible with legislation and the comfort demands of our users, we reduce technical equipment to a minimum to promote the longevity of our properties.

We align both our company and our property projects to ESG criteria. This includes planning our properties in a way that is sparing of resources and ensures them a long useful life with maximum flexibility. We also maintain open interactions in the spirit of partnership with all those involved – from planners and building firms through to the eventual user.

Reducing emissions, especially CO2 emissions, has a high priority for us within our ESG strategy. We as a company aim to reduce and compensate for our CO2 footprint to make the most effective contribution we can to protecting the climate.